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Comb.Specials$5.58(Served with 2 Pc. Crab Rangoon and Fried Rice) or $6.05 with choice of soup ¡¡¡¡
C8.*Hot Braised Pork pork battered, deep fried, then stir fried in a spicy hot braised sauce.
C9.Buddhist Delight Celery, carrot,napa, bambo shutes, waterchestnut, broccli,and sliced mushroom, stir fried in a white sauce
C10.Chicken with Broccoli Photo (chicken & broccoli white sauce)
C11.Sweet and sour Pork Deep fried pork with fresh vegetables topped with red sweet and sour sauce
C12.Sweet and Sour Chicken Deep fried white meat chicken with fresh vegetables topped with red sweet and sour sauce
C13.Mixed Vegetables Choice Your choice of meat with celery, waterchestnut, bamboo shutes, carrot, napa, and broccli.
C14.Cashew Chicken chicken stir freid with celery.water chestnuts,bamboo shoots in brown sauce.
C15.*Hot Braised Chicken Breaded boneless chicken or chicken wings clayed with spicy hot braised sauce
C16.*Hunan Sauce Choice Photo(hunan beef), Stir fired spicy Hunan sauce with celery, waterchesternut, bamboo shoots, corrots, white onions and green peppers. Choice of your kind of meat
C17.Beef Pepper Steak photo ( Beef,Green Peper & White Onion With Brown Sauce)
C18.Beef with Broccoli beef and broccoli with brown sauce
C19.Fried Rice Choice Fried rice with green onion,bean sprout and egg
C20 Lo Mein Choice choice of meat with carrot,napa,white onion ,green onion stir fried with softnoodle
C21.*Garlic Sauce Choice Spicy garlic sauce stir fried with celery, waterchestnut, bamboo shoots, corrots, sliced mushroom and woodear, with your choice of meat
C22.Empress Chicken breaded white meat chicken stir fried with brocoli, corrots, waterchestnuts, napa, and stir fried with a mixture of brown sauce and red sweet and sour sauce
C23.*Governor's Shrimp or Chicken Photo(Gov.shrimp), choice of chicken or shirmp stir fried with brocoli, green pepper, white onion, corrots and waterchestnuts, with special spicy sauce
C24.*Pineapple Chicken Chiken stir fired with pineapple, napa, waterchestnut, corrot and green pepper with spicy pineapple sauce
C25.Chicken or Beef with Mushrooms chicken or beef stir fried with fresh mustroom and water chestnuts in brown sauce
C26.Sesame Chicken Boneless deep fried chicken with sesame seed stir fried with sweet sesame sauce, served with few steamed brocoli
C27.*Curry Sauce Choice Photo(Curry Chicken), spicy curry sauce stir fried with green pepper, white onion, corrot, and waterchestnut. Served with your choice of meat
C28.*Kung Pao Sauce Choice (Photo) Stir fired spicy Kung Pao sauce with celery, waterchesternut, bamboo shoots, corrots, and green peppers with peanuts on top. Choice of your kind of meat
C29.Moo GOO Gai Pan white chicken meat stir fried with snowpeas,water chestnuts,sliced mustroom,napa,carrots,bamboo shoots in white sauce
C30.Sweet and Sour Bean curd
C31.Egg Foo Young Special Egg Foo Young made with cabbage, egg, and your choice of meat deep fried served hot with gravy
C32.*General Tso's Chicken Deep fried chicken clayed with spicy General Tso's sauce, served with some ginger
C33.Mongolian Beef Photo.beef stir freid with white onion,green onion,bamboo shoots.
C34.Sweet&Sour Shrimp Deep fried shrimp with fresh vegetables topped with red sweet and sour sauce
C35.Chicken or Beef or Shrimp w.Snow Peas your chioce of meat stir freid with snowpeas,bamboo shoots,water chestnuts
C36.Shrimp with Broccoli
C37.Chop Suey Choice your choice of meat with broccoli,carrots,water chestnuts,bamboo shoots,white onion,mustroom,snowpeas,beansprout in light sauce.
C38.Three Kinds of Mushrooms with Chicken or Beef Photo. black mustroom,straw mustroom and slice mustroom stir freid in brown sauce
C39. Bean Curd Vegetable
C40.*Hot Braised Shrimp
C41.Honey Chicken
C42.Crispy Cashew Chicken
C43.Orange Chicken
C44.Lemon Chicken
C45.*General Tso's Fish
C46.*Szechuan Sauce Choice NEW
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